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About All You See!

This is the personal website for me, Andy Tatnall, a writer. I’ll level with you up front: recently, new articles have been posted only a few times a year, and what with one thing and another, that’s not likely to change soon. However, as of late 2013/early 2014, I do still post new articles from time to time. If you like what you read here, your best bet is to sign up to be notified of updates by email, which you can do on the right. There are also periodic updates to the Curiosities sections, so be sure to check those from time to time as well.

About This Publication

My contributions to the written websphere have taken place with wildly varying levels of frequency and success since the mid 90s. Pretty much every iteration of the site in all those years has existed for two reasons: to give shelter to my casual writings, and as a gallery for my periodic tinkerings with MS Paint and Photoshop.

In 1994 I first took advantage of the “View Source” browser feature to learn HTML by copying code off other sites, like an amateur chef at a buffet where the recipe for every dish is posted next to it. The result was “Cyclops McGinnis’ Leftovers Archive”, of which just about every trace has since been mercifully expunged. There was precious little there except a reposting of daily Dilbert comic strips, for which I received a legal threat from artist Scott Adams. Really, Scott, it’s cool. You can have them.

The next version of the site was “Cyclops McGinnis’ CrazyPage!”, and, OK. Listen. I’m going to show this to you, but let me frame this a little. This page is mortifyingly, lip bitingly cheesy, even for 1997 when most of the web was awful. About the only thing I can say in my defense is that I guess I thought I was being ironic? Maybe? I mean, the site’s reason for being was mostly to make available a silly screenplay I’d written in high school and to showcase the fact that I’d figured out how to make transparent GIFs. Some of the links are broken, but where available there are Wayback Machine versions, to preserve the authentic experience of being among the lucky 480. And here it is: the earliest surviving version of this site. You’ve been warned.

A couple of years later the site got an overhaul, as Cyclops McGinnis’ Nonsense. And here I doom myself further, because at the time of last update it was 2001, and I was twenty four, and the site still retained its character of terminally unfunny zaniness. At least there was more content, and in case you were really itching to read that screenplay I mentioned, it’s actually present this time.

After that, I discovered the font used on US interstate signs and decided to make over the site with a “highway at night” theme, and this time I called it “The Tepid O’Hare EXPERIENCE”. By now I’d toned it down a bit and started leaning more in the direction of blogging, but the humor and the sort of spooky signs-in-headlights theme, well… they didn’t really mesh, did they? Hindsight. And now we’re up to 2007, uncomfortably close to a time when I really ought to have had a site of actual quality representing me online.

Once I finally woke up to the fact that nobody was still designing web pages that force you to click several times to find any content, I updated to a more practical structure, migrating the blog from Greymatter to WordPress and utilizing CSS for the layout. I also renamed it “Andy Anonymous” after the moniker I’d assumed on MySpace, where my blog had something of a following for a couple of years. The name is a tribute to Dead Milkmen singer Rodney Anonymous.

The current theme, Penny Dreadful, was created and implemented in December 2009.

…And that’s my cool story.

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