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Links to New Discoveries!

Retro Planet — Where I work, writing product copy and managing product lines. They’ve got all kinds of fascinating ephemera on offer.

Blogcritics — My blogs are also posted here, as part of a menagerie of very intelligent and worthy bloggers. I highly suggest that you swing by and give them all a look.

Blogging Fusion — Another site where my blogs can be found along with myriad other great writers.

LegendMUD — A text-based online role playing game where I’m on the staff helping to write and run the place, with a little actual playing when I have a free moment. The website is another of my designs.


In gratiae

1&1 Internet Inc. — My web hosting company since 2003. I’ve never had any extended downtime or felt compelled to go elsewhere, and aren’t those more or less the most desirable features of any web host?

WordPress — This is the software I used to create the current version of the blog. I highly recommend it if you are into concepts like “a whole lot of features” and “incredibly easy to use.”

The World — This ISP was the very first one that hosted this site. It’s been many years since I left them, but when I discovered recently that they are unaccountably still alive, blanketing Massachusetts with blazing fast V.92 dial-up service, I decided to give them a plug. I’d say “don’t ever change”, but it seems they’ve got that covered.


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