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Curiosities and Distractions!

This section is dedicated to some of the work and leisure projects I’ve worked on over the years in the areas of writing, art, web, photography and other interests. I hereby request that you enjoy them forthwith.

Retro Planet Deleted Scenes — Not everything I write for my job is publishable on the site, but it’s material that begged me to be written anyway, and some of it bears sharing. So here I am. Sharing it.

Miis by Andy — “Huh? You mean like those little avatars on the Wii?” Don’t judge: It’s possible to make some pretty impressive look-alikes with them if one puts forth a little effort. That’s just what I’ve done with a few parcels of my time over the years. Look!

Darktalon’s Home Page — I whipped this up in 2005 to look like some quasi-Goth kid’s ugly mid-’90s Geocities page. It’s a home page for a MUD character of mine, which I created as a parody of all the dark, brooding characters with mysterious pasts created by players lacking in imagination.

Cyclops McGinnis’ Nonsense — This is an old version of this website, pre-blog, as it appeared from 1999 to 2003. Look, it’s bad. I have no excuses to make for its smug proclamations of zaniness or its “comedy”. In my defense, I guess I thought it would all come across as being ironic? Maybe? In any case, there are one or two morsels that hold up, and I’m a firm believer in preserving history, so here’s… this.

Cyclops McGinnis’ CrazyPage! — An even older, more sparse version of my page which wears every inch of its 1997 origins on its Web 1.0 sleeve. Only semi-complete, which is fine because there wasn’t much content to be found in its completed state. You have no idea how proud I was of myself for discovering how to make that transparent GIF logo.

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